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Exploring the Depths:Introduction to Underground Mining Trucks

May 17,2024

Siton UK20 Underground mining truck in Eritrea Africa

In mining industry, efficiency and safety are of paramount importance. In this blog, we'll delve into the fascinating world of underground mining trucks, exploring their design, functionality, and importance in modern mining operations.

Definition: What Is Underground Mining Truck?

Underground mining trucks, also known as underground dump trucks or underground haulers, are heavy-duty vehicles engineered to transport ore, minerals, and waste rock from mining sites to the surface or designated processing areas. Unlike trucks for surface mining, these underground trucks are designed to withstand the unique challenges of underground mining, such as confined spaces, uneven terrain, and limited ventilation.

Siton UK20 Best Affordable Underground Trucks For 3m Price List in India

Siton UK-20 is a compact underground mining truck with a load capacity of 20 tons. This mining dump truck is used to load, transport and dump ores in non-coal mines. Underground truck requires that the working tunnel should have firm base floor, good ventilation condition, and withoutexplosive medium or gravels around. Mining dump trucks are equipped with a central articulated swing device, suitable for small and medium sized mining and construction operations with minimum tunnel cross-sections (width x height) by 3m × 3m. The new design notonly improves production efficiency, but also improves safety, maintainability and operational comfort.

Safety First

The advanced safety features of mining hauler trucks contribute to a safer working environment. Advanced hydraulic components are adopted to ensure the stability and safety of the braking system. Additionally, the driver's cabin is FOPS-certified, providing enhanced protection against falling objects.

Heavy-duty Frames

The heavy-duty front and rear frames are specially designed to cope with the harsh underground environment. The high quality, reliability and durability meet the requirements of users, making transportation simpler and more efficient.

Operator Comfort and Ergonomics

The cabin keeps the operator safe and comfortable by minimizing noise levels and maintaining air quality and comfort temperature. To minimize the operator's fatigue is an important considering factor when it concerns both safety and productivity.

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