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What is scaler in underground?

March 14,2024

In underground excavation and mining, the scaler has become a more and more indispensable role to ensure safety, efficiency, and productivity. So, what exactly is a scaler in underground and why is it so crucial in underground operations?

Siton QM1 Rock Scaling Underground Breaker 6m Reaching Height Genuine Quality


Scalers, also known as scaling jumbos, are a kind of specialized underground equipment to ensure safe working conditions in tunnels and mines. The scaling rigs are mainly used in small and medium-sized tunnels, these machines can remove loose and hazardous rocks effectively from ceilings and walls, preventing from potential rockfall and collapses. The above process is usually performed after blasting, which ensures the safety of both workers and equipment by reducing the risks associated with unstable rock and debris.

A scaler is designed with typically features of sturdy chassis, being equipped with powerful hydraulic arms and customized attachments for scaling operations. These attachments may include such as pneumatic hammers and hydraulic rock drills, which is depending on the specific requirements of construction environment.

pneumatic hammers of QM scaling rig


In mining operations, underground scalers are used in small and medium size drifts and tunnels. It can quickly and effectively remove the unstable rocks on roof and two sides to ensure the safety of operators and machines. The suitable cross-sections (width x height) is from minimum 3m x 2.5m to maximum 8m x 8m. There are two models, QM1 with a reaching height of 6m and QM1L with 8m.

manual scaling

Siton QM underground scaler in tunnels


The importance of underground scaler breaker goes beyond safety considerations. The scaling jumbo also plays a crucial role in optimizing productivity and working efficiency. By efficiently removing loose rock and debris, the scaling rig can help streamline the process of underground excavation, minimizing downtime and maximizing resource utilization.

Moreover, Siton vibratory pick scaler can increase cost-effectiveness by reducing the need for manual scaling, which may cause labor-intensive and time-consuming. Not only it can achieve high productivity and efficiency, but also can adhere to stringent safety standards.

In conclusion, underground mining scalers represent a cornerstone of underground construction operations, embodying the combination of technological innovation and practicality. From enhancing safety to improving productivity, the role of scaling rig jumbo in underground environments cannot be ignored. As we continue to push the boundaries of underground engineering, the importance of underground scalers remains critical in shaping the future of underground exploration and mining.

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