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​Tips for how to maintain shotcrete sprayer

November 11,2023


Each of shotcrete sprayer machine often needs to be maintained whenever before or after use, so maintenance plays an important role in underground concreting engineering projects. The correct maintenance of concrete spraying machine not only avoids the occurrence of failures, but also it can bring greater benefits to the customer.

Siton as the one of the biggest shotcrete sprayer equipment manufacturers in the world, Siton HP series  wet mix concrete sprayer  has a wider range of uses and can adapt to more complex construction environments. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the underground shotcrete sprayers is even more significant.


The following are some tips for maintenance of wet concrete spraying machines:

1. After every time of work, all of the pipelines, pump hoppers and piston cylinders need to be cleaned.

2. Open the door of the pump hopper, clean the concrete in the hopper, then close the door, fill it with water, insert the cleaning ball into the pipe and draw water until the cleaning ball and clean water flow out.

3. Remove all pipes and rinse with water until clean.

4. Use tools to block the nozzle and then disassemble the connecting elbow, open the air source to let the concrete in the pipeline sprayed out from the end. Then you can add water to the tube or use the accelerator pump to pump the water. At last add a cleaning ball and open the blockage. (this method must make sure that surrounding workers are at a safe distance).

5. Open the door of the pump hopper, rinse with water, start the reverse pump switch, then rinse the discharge port with water, and clean the pump pipe.


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