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The importance of regular maintenance of underground drilling rig

August 31,2023

In underground engineering projects, we need to pay high attention during the use of various equipment, that no matter what kinds of  underground mining equipment it is, it needs regular maintenance. Regular maintenance must be carried out correctly at reasonable intervals, to ensure continuous operation of the drilling rig. The purpose of regular maintenance is to check the condition of the drill rig at regular intervals to ensure that it can work well. This can avoid high maintenance costs and the loss of work efficiency. If maintenance work is neglected, it will cause a lot of additional costs.

So following is what should the operators should pay high attention to during equipment maintenance?


1. First, all operators must be trained to be professional, and before they use and maintain the machine, they must read the operation manual and maintenance manual carefully.

2. Incorrect disposal of used parts and liquids can cause environmental damage.

3. Dispose of used parts and oil in accordance with local environmental regulations.

4. For environmental protection measures during maintenance, please refer to the General Safety Rules.

5. Make sure that the drill jumbo will not move accidentally. (Use a jack to support the rig when necessary or use the parking brake and wheels) The drill rig must be stopped before starting the maintenance work.

6. Please do not use solvents containing aromatic hydrocarbons or chlorinated hydrocarbons. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to use mineral oil-based fuels as detergents, such as gasoline, diesel or petroleum.

7. When replacing the filter element and the oil, check the purity of the added oil.

8. After the maintenance work is completed, all guardrails, covers and insulation materials must be reinstalled.

If you have any problems during the process, you should contact the manufacturer for timely assistance.

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