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The features of Siton Z20 Underground Straight-boom Rock Drilling Jumbo

December 21,2023

During the tunnel excavation process, the construction methods may be different depending on the changes in the surrounding rocks. Jiangxi Siton has developed and launched the "Z20 full construction method double-boom drilling jumbo", which is suitable for various construction methods such as full-face excavation method, step method, circular excavation reserved core soil method, CD method (center diaphragm method), CRD method (center cross diaphragm method), Double-side-wall guide pit type excavation method, etc. This type of underground drill jumbo also satisfies the construction of medium-sized tunnels such as branch tunnels and horizontal guides, which makes up for the shortcomings of traditional drilling rigs that cannot meet the construction needs of various construction methods.


Main Information of Siton Z20 Drilling Rig

Weight: 3.4T(34000Kg)

Dimension: 17000mm X 2730mm X 3775mm

Max. Working Area: 16m X 12m

Application: High-speed railway, water conservancy and hydropower projects, national defense, and other medium and large-scale tunnels


Core configuration

Adopted Swedish brand WOSERLD hydraulic rock drill, with optional 18KW or 25KW power and the rock drilling speed of this hydraulic drifters is 0.8-2m/min, WOSERLD rock drills can shorten the operation time effectively and reduce the rock drilling costs. Equipped with a double buffer function, when there are cracks or cavities in the rocks, the hydraulic rock drills can reduce the consumption of drilling bits and drilling rods caused by empty drilling.

At the same time, it also can protect the rock drill from being damaged by counter-impact force so it can extend its service life. The drilling system is equipped with an anti-jamming protection function, when the drill head is stuck, the anti-jamming valve is activated to prevent the drill from being stuck due to brute force.


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