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The Importance of Longhole Drilling Rigs in Underground Mining

March 22,2024

In underground mining, the longhole drill rigs are always good partners for operators to drill deep holes quickly and increase the working efficiency, which extracts valuable resources like gold and other minerals much more achievable.

underground mine

Mining drilling rigs can be categorized into two main types based on their applications: exploration drilling rigs and production drilling rigs.

A.  Exploration drill rigs are essential tools for surveying and evaluating mineral deposits, facilitating the critical task of locating potential mining sites.

B. Production drill rigs play a vital role in the operating cycle of a mining operation. These face drilling rigs are used in active mining operations to extract minerals from underground or surface deposits efficiently.

Furthermore, the production drilling rig can be divided into two types: surface mining and underground mining. Therefore, when choosing a production drill rig, we must clearly know the type of mine (surface and underground), the properties of the mine (gold, silver, copper-zinc ore, etc.), and the mining method.

So, what characteristics should a longhole underground production drill rig with good working performance have? Maybe the following will help you find the answer…


Safety First:

In the process of all underground mining work, safety is the first feature that is reminded because human life safety is more important than anything else. So, weusually should choose a closed or semi-closed cab, and the cab must be FOPS certified.

FOPS of Siton DL3-b prodution drill rig


Wide Application:

Longhole drill rig should meet the geological conditions, tunnel dimensions, and drilling requirements of the site. Geological conditions include characteristics of the mining site, including rock hardness, composition and structural integrity. Additionally, the method used to arrange the holes (vertical, fan-shaped, parallel) is also important. Siton DL3-b is a cantilever type deep hole mining production drilling rig which is specially designed for various kinds of longholes. It can drill up to 20 meters per rod change, allowing for efficient drilling in stages. For deeper holes, multiple rods can be used, and the hole diameters of 64/76/89mm can be chosen.

Siton DL3-b cantilever type deep hole drilling rig


High Efficiency:

In a bustling mining environment, time is a critical factor. The ability to drill deeper holes within a limited time is crucial for maximizing the extraction of valuable mining resources. The drilling speed of Siton underground production drill rigs usually ranges from 0.5 to 2 meters per minute. This speed often refers to the actual drilling process. Other factors like rod changes and maneuvering can also influence total drilling time. So this means that it maybe take 3.5 hours to drill a hole of 100 meters. And, Siton’s DL series underground production drilling rig features automatic rod loading and unloading capabilities, significantly reducing the overall drilling time.

rod handling system of Siton DL3-b long hole drill rig


Automation Revolution:

Technological advancements have changed the landscape of the mining industry. Cutting-edge deep-hole drill rigs are now equipped with automation features that revolutionize mining operations. With computerized controls and remote operation capabilities, miners can remotely scan work surfaces, precisely set drilling positions, and perform complex drilling tasks with unparalleled accuracy.

Siton intelligent production drill Jumbo


In conclusion, longhole production drill rigs play a key role in the success of underground mining operations. From ensuring safety to increasing productivity and embracing automation, these drilling rigs represent the epitome of innovation in the mining industry. Siton is a company dedicated to offering innovative products and services. We don't just sell excellent underground mining drill rigs; also provide comprehensive solutions and after-sales service to ensure the customers’ mining operation runs smoothly and safely.


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