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Some Tips for Mucking Loaders Not Working

December 13,2023

If you are an operator or after-sales engineer of a mining mucking loader, you definitely will meet various problems.

How to check and solve these problems in time is very important to make sure the normal operation of the underground mucking loader. This article will introduce some common faults of lhd haggloader, so help you to better maintain the equipment.


1. Motor failure

The motor is a key component of the tunnel mucking loaders. If the motor is not working, it will directly affect the operation of the whole equipment. Common faults of mucking loader motor include damaged bearings, burned windings, aging insulation, etc. Before checking, make sure that we should cut off the power supply and perform safety inspections. If parts need to be replaced, be sure to choose products that comply with the standards.

2. Hydraulic system failure

The hydraulic system is one of the important components of the mucking rock loaders. It is mainly used for control operations and the start and stop of the conveying device. If the hydraulic system fails, it will make it difficult for the equipment to operate normally. When checking for hydraulic system faults, you can observe the status of the hydraulic oil and the indications of the pressure gauge to find out the problem. It should be noted that the cleanliness of hydraulic oil is very significant to the operation of the system and should be replaced regularly.

3. Wear plate failure

Wear-resistant plates are important accessories on the conveying device of tunnel muck loaders. The most common fault is wear and tear. So we often check whether there is wear or indentation on the surface. If the wear-resistant plate needs to be replaced, products with reliable quality, wear resistance and corrosion resistance should be our best choice.



The solution of tunneling mucking loaders requires standardized methods. When making maintenance and inspection, be sure that we should observe carefully, check one by one parts, then find out and eliminate faults in time. In order to ensure that the equipment is in excellent working condition, daily maintenance also cannot be ignored, such as regular replacement of lubricating oil, cleaning of the machine body and so on.

In daily use and maintenance of mucking loaders, the operators should follow the rules of the maintenance manual PDF provided by the manufacturer, and keep continuity of maintenance and repair work, so the underground mucking machine can usually be used in good working condition of long-term and stable operation.

According to feedback from some end-users, Jiangxi Siton’s muck loaders can even be used for ten years on some construction sites.


Jiangxi Siton has been a professional Mucking Loader China manufacturer for more than 30 years and has a series of very mature and well-received complete sets of loading equipment.

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