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Proper Inspection Procedures for Siton Equipment After Long-Term Shutdown

February 29,2024

In mining production and underground equipment operation, sometimes drilling rig equipment needs to be shut down for an extended period, whether for maintenance, holidays, or other reasons. When these underground drill rigs have been idle for a period of time, it is significant to check the drilling rig machine properly before restarting to ensure safe and smooth operation.

The following are methods for correct inspection after long-term downtime of production drilling machines:

External Inspection:

Before restarting the device, first perform an external inspection. This involves checking external components for any obvious damage or abnormalities. Check external wiring and connections to ensure they are tight and intact. Clear debris or obstacles around the hydraulic drilling rig to make sure a clean and safe environment.

Siton DW3-180E Computer Intelligent face drilling Jumbo

Internal Cleaning:

After a long shutdown, the hydraulic jumbo devices’ interior may accumulate dust, grease, or other debris. It’s essential to thoroughly clean the production drilling rig before restarting under the guidance of the maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer. Usually, clean internal components including the drive system, sensors, circuit boards, etc.

Lubrication and Maintenance:

Check the underground jumbo's lubrication system to ensure an adequate supply of lubricating oil. The lubricating oil may be condensed, exhausted, or even mixed with impurities after a long shutdown, so it's necessary to check and replenish lubricants. Sludge and carbon deposits in the engine will seriously affect the life of the engine and easily cause failure. You can use the "test paper method" to quickly detect the oil condition. Please remember to check and replace the engine oil in time so that your drilling jumbo can work effectively for a long time.

Electrical control system of Siton DW3-180E underground jumbo

Thermal engine operation

Turn on the emergency stop device, start the engine for about 5 seconds, and start it 3 times in a row to ensure that all parts in the engine are lubricated. Then release the emergency stop switch and start the machine. If startup fails 3 times in a row, please contact a service engineer immediately to resolve the problem on site.

Proper inspection of underground mining equipment after an extended shutdown is critical to ensuring its safety and stability. By following these steps, the risk of mining jumbo failure or damage after restart can be effectively reduced and ensure smooth production and operation.

Siton Machinery not only manufactures high-performance jumbos, but also provides comprehensive services. Our service team and engineers will assist customers with comprehensive maintenance and upkeep of the face drill rigs, whether in daily use or after the mining drilling machine stops working for a period of time.

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