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How to maintain underground mining truck

September 14,2023

Underground truck  is one kind of the dump trucks used for transporting materials for construction as well as coal, and the underground mining truck is specifically used to load, haul, transport and dump ores in non-coal mines. The mining trucks have the features of large loading capacity, high engine power, and great traction, widely applied for all the underground conditions. The underground mining trucks require that the working tunnel should have firm base floor, good ventilation condition, and without explosive media or gravels around.

Siton underground trucks are designed for difficult and harsh underground operating conditions. In order to ensure trouble-free and economical operation of the mining tuck, it is very important to perform regular maintenance on the wheel mining truck as scheduled. If the maintenance plan is conducted carefully, it is easy to identify any possible failures during the operation of the mining big trucks and repair them before worsening. This can ensure lower maintenance costs without weakening the production efficiency.


Here are some tips for how to maintain Siton underground mining truck LHD.

1. First of all, for any operations of the mining dump trucks including working, maintenance and repair, it shall be completed by the trained personnel according to the operation and maintenance manual provided by manufacturer.

2. Please check the condition of important core components regularly, generally every 100 hours, every 400 hours, and every 1200 hours after the machine is working.

3. Be sure to turn off the engine before oil injection.

4. The machine must make be in horizontal state when checking oil amount.

5. The oil injection of the hydraulic oil tank is to the upper limit of the oil pointer, and check whether the oil level is within the limit of the oil pointer after the engine running for 5min.

6. Pay attention to not to be burnt by hot oil, properly dispose of the old oil and protect the environment.

7. In installation, it is not allowed to tighten the diesel filter and oil-water separator with the wrench. Otherwise, thread will be deformed, and filter will be damaged.

If you have any problems during the process, you should contact the manufacturer for timely assistance.

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