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How to choose a mucking loader?

April 18,2024

Siton crawler mucking loader

The mucking loader is a high-efficiency ore extraction equipment for continuous production. It is primarily used for loading operations during mine excavation, railway tunnel construction, diversion tunnels, defense cave construction, and similar applications. However, there are various types of mucking loaders, including large, small, medium, special for coal mines, roadway repair type, milling and digging machines, etc. There are many manufacturers, each offering loaders of varying quality, its corresponding price also varies greatly. With various types and qualities to consider, selecting an underground mucking loader can be a daunting challenge…

So how do we usually choose a muck loader? Maybe this article will help you in how to choose the right mucking loader!

Size of the Tunnel Section

At first, we should consider the width and height of the tunnel to ensure our tunnel mucking loader can operate easily. At the same time, we should also consider whether our mine muck loader needs a support guard plate, because it depends on the size of the tunnel section after the support. For example, for a general 60 model, its working section is about 2.0×2.0m. Generally speaking, each country has different standards for underground mucking loaders and the lengths of the models given by each manufacturer are different. You still need to choose a mining muck loader based on the salesperson's detailed introduction.

Type of the Rock Ore

Usually, you need to choose different configurations of tunnel mucking loaders according to the type of rock. For non-coal metal mines, a standard mucking loader is suitable for most situations involving softer or moderately hard rock formations. For coal mines, an explosion-proof mucking loader is essential due to security reasons. If the rock texture is very hard, we can choose a hydraulic mucking loader with a breaker. Therefore, we must clearly know the details of rock formations to choose the suitable scraper mucking loader.

Type of Working Terrain

Common classifications include crawler type, wheel type, and track type. The track mucking loader needs to lay tracks and be used in complete sets with shuttle cars and other transfer equipment; For zero-slope level roads tunnels, we can use a wheel type belt mucking loaders; For slopes less than or equal to 25 degrees, we can use a crawler type muck loader, because the crawler has a large grip area, the scraper can prevent the slag from flowing back and preventing the slag from sliding down. Siton provides crawler mucking loaders with a large slope of 32 degrees.

Siton mucking loaders

Mucking Capacity

The mucking capacity depends on the bucket size of the hydraulic muck loaders and the capacity of the conveyor. Bucket size determines the volume of material that can be scooped up and transported by the scraper mucking loaders in each cycle. Choose the right bucket size that matches the volume of material you need to move. The capacity of the conveyor system is equally important, consider the conveyor's capacity to ensure it can keep up with the excavation rate. In practical, finding the optimal balance between the bucket size of the loaders and the capacity of the conveyor is essential.

Manufacturer's Strength

When choosing a scraper muck loader, make sure to choose a trusted manufacturer with a good reputation on the market. Considering various crucial factors such as the manufacturer's reputation, quality of workmanship, and after-sales support. Siton is a professional manufacturer in mucking loaders since 1992, received very good reviews all over the world including Australia, Nepal, Colombia, Canada, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Iran, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Serbia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bhutan, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan.

Siton mucking loaders in Brazil for Water Diversion Project

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