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How does Siton drilling jumbo work in underground mines?

January 26,2024

Drilling jumbos are usually used in underground mines if mining is done by drilling and blasting. Drill jumbos are also used in tunnelling. Underground jumbo is considered as a powerful tool to facilitate labor-intensive process for mineral extraction. A drilling jumbo consists of one, two or three rock drill carriages, sometimes a platform, which the operator stands on to load the holes with explosives, clear the face of the tunnel or do something else. This wonderful construction vehicle of engineering plays a crucial role in mining and tunneling and laying the foundation for efficient mining operations.

The following article is indicating how the jumbo drill operates in underground mine.

underground jumbo in mine

1. Design and Components:

The key to the jumbo's functionality is its robust design and powerful components. Usually mounted on tracks, this mobile drilling unit has a series of booms equipped with drill rigs. The booms are articulated, allowing for movement and positioning to reach the desirable excavation points.

2. Core Components:

The Hydraulic rock drill attached to the booms are the workhorses of the jumbo. It can be equipped with rotating drill bits that vary in size and type based on the specific requirements of the underground mining project. The drilling bits continuously pierce through rock formations, creating bore holes that serve as conduits for various mining activities. The rock drill assembled in Siton Jumbos is independently developed by the sub-brand WOSERLD and has the characteristics of high efficiency and high cost performance.

WOSERLD Hydraulic rock drill

3. Automation:

Modern jumbo drills often adopt advanced automation systems to improve precision and efficiency. These systems allow operators to control the mining jumbo remotely, ensuring accuracy in the drilling process. The ability to program specific drilling patterns minimizes waste and optimizes the extraction of valuable resources.

4. Safety:

Beyond excavation, another benefit of using Siton jumbo drill is that it also can provide a safe underground environment. All cabs of Siton drilling rigs have the certificate of FOPS. No matter what the situation is, operator safety and overall mine safety must be prioritized.

FOPS Structure

5. Wide Application:

Siton mining jumbos are mainly used to drill blast holes, anchor bolt holes, small pipe support hole, grouting holes, and other various types of holes in underground mining, tunneling, drift drilling, and other construction projects. This strong adaptability makes it an indispensable tool for mining operations.

Siton mining jumbo work application in underground mines

In conclusion, the jumbo stands as a testament to human ingenuity in conquering the challenges of underground mining. The precision, high efficiency, safety, and multifunction of jumbos make it an indispensable construction tool in the extraction of valuable resources. As technology continues to evolve, Siton jumbo drill always remains at the forefront of innovation, shaping the future of underground mining with each meticulously created holes.

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