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Efficiency Redefined: Introducing Siton DL2-hs Production Drill Rig

May 30,2024

From increasing efficiency and precision drilling to improving safety and versatility, production drilling rigs are the backbone of modern mining industry. They streamline processes, optimize resource extraction, and ensure the safety of workers in challenging environments. Siton DL2-hs hydraulic deep hole drilling rig is a special type of deep hole rock drilling equipment designed for roadways of 3.2-4m. This professional mining drill rig has a design of compact body and the rod storing capacity is large. This design not only can make it extremely maneuverable in small lanes, but also can resolve the problems that the equipment can not realize hands-free rod handling due to its small size in small and medium-sized lanes.

Siton DL2-hs Hydraulic Production Drill Rig

Today, we will discuss the main features of the Siton DL2-hs longhole drill rig. This article will help you learn more about our DL2-hs.

Hands-free Rod Handling System

The design of the rod handling system containing 27+1 pieces of rods can realize automatic loading and unloading rods in small lanes. This automation can make the drilling depth achieve more than 30 meters in a single operation by handling the rods sequentially. According to customers’ demands, 915mm or 1220mm drill rods can be selected, and it can drill holes with a diameter of 64-89mm.

2-Hands-free Rod Handling System containing 27+1 pieces of rods

Horseshoe Type Frame Boom Support

The design of the horse type frame boom support ensures precise positioning and stable support of the feed, guaranteeing straighter holes and minimized deflection during drilling. This robust and stable support system provides a more stable drilling process. The articulated drill boom ensures smooth and precise angle positioning during drilling. The upgraded lifting and folding mechanisms allow for easy maneuvering in narrow tunnels.

3-Horseshoe Type Frame Boom Support of Siton DL2-hs longhole drill rig

Woserld Rock Drill

With high pressure and low flow hydraulic system, the Woserld rock drill delivers high penetration rates in hard rock (< F17) and low drilling steel consumption. With the classic double damping design the service life is long and the cost is low. 18kw rock drill is standard, and higher power 22kw or 25kw rock drill is optional.

Suitable for Various Types of Drilling Holes

For deep hole drilling operations in underground mine projects, DL2-hs deep hole drilling rigs can meet with the requirements of vertical, fan-shaped and parallel long hole drilling construction.

Advanced Control System

Drill rod angle indicator on the operating panel shows small deviation of the rod positioning. It guarantees the long hole drilling quality. The automatic rod anti-jamming and return system can protect rock drill and drill tools.

Mobile Control Device

DL2-hs longhole drilling rigs can be optionally equipped with digital display mobile operation trolley, which not only makes it flexible and easy to operate, but also ensures the safety of operators. The control console is equipped with an integrated display screen, which can display the drilling angle in real time to ensure accurate hole positioning.

4-Mobile Control Device of Siton DL2-hs deep hole drilingl rig


Siton prioritizes operator safety, the ceiling is designed to meet FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) standards, ensuring protection against falling objects. DL2-hs drill rig also has features for comfort and usability, including hydraulic lifting control for adjustable height, a centralized driving control panel for convenient operation, and a comfortable driving seat for extended use.

5-FOPS CAB of Siton DL2-hs longhole drilling rig


The DL2-hs hydraulic mining drill rig stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in the mining industry. Its advanced features and robust design make it an indispensable tool for modern underground mining operations, ensuring precision, reliability, and increased productivity in challenging environments. If you are interested in our production drill rigs, please contact us.

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