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Can muck loader buckets be moved?

November 10,2023

LWLX-120C  Muck Loader  is a high efficient mine equipment of consecutive production. Siton mucking loader is mainly used for loading during the construction of railway tunnels, underground mining tunnel, hydro-power tunnels, national defense tunnel. This mucking machine can work in the small and medium size tunnels with a cross-section of above 3.2×3.1 meters. The best working condition is that the rock hardness F is less than or equal to 12, the size of rock is less or equal to 500mm.


The bucket is one of the main components of the mucking loader, the underground excavator puts rock into the transportation conveyor by crawler moving then the conveyor transport rock into dumping truck or shuttle tramcar from the rear position. Meantime, it snatches the rock at long distance by the reverse excavation arm and clears working face by the bucket.

Siton muck loaders have the following advantages:

1. The mining mucking machine adopts both electric and diesel power system.

2. It is controlled by fully hydraulic system and hydraulic transmission.

3. The structure is compact, and the powerful pushing force can reach wider tunnel section, so the mining excavator loads the rocks without any rock left, even no need labor to help loading.

4. The loading equipment is controlled by pilot valve. It is easy to operate, and it is stable without impact, with reliable functions and easy to maintain.

5. The muck loaders are humanization designed: the hydraulic system adopts air cooling device, with seat and driving ceiling, to make sure the operator can work in the environment of safety, relax, and comfort. That greatly reduce the labor intensity.


Here are two things to note about the use of buckets:

1. The mucking loaders cannot use bucket for support like excavator.

2. The bucket cannot directly hit the transport conveyor, otherwise it will cause the serious deformation.

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