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Advantages of Production Drilling Rig

August 24,2023

Mineral resources in the world are becoming more and more scarce, and the trend of mines changing from surface mining to underground mining is becoming more and more obvious. Advanced technology and equipment play a key role in the mining process. Among them,  the long hole drilling rig has become the first choice for important equipment in underground mining.

Siton DL4 hydraulic deep hole underground jumbo has the characteristics of small and compact body, flexible steering, and multi-functionality. It is suitable for drilling holes with a diameter of 64-89mm and a blast hole with a depth of 41.5m. This type of drilling rig machine has greater advantages in working in narrow spaces.


Features Of Siton DL4 Long-hole Drilling Rig


The DL4 type long-hole drilling rigs are mainly used for drilling blast holes of vertical, inclined circular, parallel holes and fan-shaped, and it adopts full hydraulic drive.

multiple angle blasting1
multiple angle blasting2


The digital display screen of the mobile remote control console shows the coordinates of the drilling arm in real time, with high positioning accuracy, which helps the operator to grasp the rock drilling angle and hole depth more accurately.

Support remote control operation1
Support remote control operation2


The specially designed positioning mechanism is strong and stable, with a flat drilling coverage area of 3m. It ensures the precise positioning and stable support of the feed, ensuring high-quality drilling.

high quality drilling1
high quality drilling2


It is matched with WOSERLD high-power hydraulic rock drill, with standard motor of 18kw power, optional 25kw, and the rock drilling speed is 0-2m/min. Adopted double buffer design, which is to effectively extend the service life of piston and drilling tools.



Equipped with rods handling system, it can automatically load and unload rods; It can contain 21+1 pieces of rods; It’s also equipped with diversion grooves, which can reduce the wear of magma on the propulsion beam.

Rods handling system


Application: used for long-hole drilling work in 3.8-5.3m tunnel sections.

Drilling diameter: φ76-89mm.

Equipped with mobile remote control console and mobile working lighting.

Self-contained angle display.

Diesel engine self-propelled, electric operation, equipped with cable reel 100m.

Four-wheel drive, articulated chassis.

The feed is equipped with upper and lower tops, the angle is fixed, and a parallel slide table and rocker boom are equipped. A cleaning system is used to clean up the magma generated by the upward drilling of the feed.


Case: Dadonggou Iron Mine in Liaoning Province, China

It is an Iron ore mine, the main tunnel sections is 5X5 meters, and the rock hardness is about F12. Two sets of DL4 deep hole production drilling rigs from Siton were put into use, equipped with WOSERLD 18KW A18D/L hydraulic rock drill. Adopted Scalloped holes, 22-24 holes in a row. It can drill holes of 9.1 meters to 41 meters continuously and the single rod is 1.525 meters. It takes one hour to drill about 30 meters, and the monthly completion volume is 10,000 meters. Just need one operator and auxiliary worker on each shift. 


Siton mining drill rigs are cost-effective and super quality, the service is reliable and be able to respond in time. No matter how complex or challenging your underground drilling working situation is, we can always provide the most suitable solution of mining or tunneling drilling rigs to help you maximize productivity and minimize costs. Please visit our website

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