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3 methods to solve the mucking loader’s motor not working

August 17,2023

Muck loader is also called excavation loader, integrates multiple functions including excavating, conveying, loading and running.

It is a kind of underground loading equipment which can work continuously with high efficiency and mucking loader has strong ability to adapt the space, high working efficiency, less air pollution in the tunnel. So the underground mucking loader becomes a very important mechanical equipment applied in railways tunnels, highway tunnels, water diversion tunnels, coal mine coal lanes, semi-coal lanes, and national defense project.

Siton Stable Quality Underground Muck Loader Mining Examples in Peru

In most voices of operators who has used the mucking loader, they sometimes are annoyed by the motor of mucking machine not working properly. This problem will seriously affect the work efficiency, and the progress of the underground project will also be affected if the problem is not resolved in time.

So how can the operators deal with this issue of muck loader motor not working?

First of all, the reasons why mucking loader motor is not working may be caused by the following 3 aspects:

A. Power lacks a phase, or the phase order is wrong.

B. Voltage is scarce.

C. The contactor or electrical route has faults.

The following is the resolve method:

A. Make sure that the three phases are right and the phase order is right.

B. Measure voltage, check whether the voltage is normal and adjust it to the right number.

C. Fix and replace contactor and remove the faults in the route.

Before starting the operation, repairing and maintaining, the operators must carefully read the operation manual provided by the manufacturer, and must be professionally trained.

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