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Siton Launched Breakthrough Equipment in Pingtan Tunnel Machinery Industry Expo

Time: 2024-02-26 Hits: 73

At the beginning of the 2024 Chinese Traditional Spring Festival, the 2nd Pingtan (China) Tunnel Machinery Industry Expo gave a good start to the tunnel engineering machinery industry. From February 13th to 16th, Jiangxi Siton showed up at Expo with 3 types of best sellers, demonstrating the new achievements and technologies. Siton came here to communicate with many participating peers to learn and explore new directions in the machinery industry.

This exposition is held at the Pingtan Marine International Convention and Exhibition Center, with the theme of " Facilitating Enterprise Connection, Promoting Industry Aggregation, and Leading Industrial Return ". It integrates the product display with equipment sale and industrial development exchanges. Serving as a bridge between construction machinery manufacturers and tunnel construction enterprises, the exhibition is committed to building a national professional procurement platform for tunnel machinery and equipment, also promoting communication between manufacturers and customers.

Each of the three main products exhibited by Jiangxi Siton has their own characteristics and advantages in tunnel engineering construction:

Z20 Full Construction Method Straight Boom Drilling Jumbo

Z20 Full Construction Method Straight Boom Drilling Jumbo

Z20 is a type of digital straight-type parallel-boom face drilling rigs, which are specially designed for "multi-step synchronization method, step method, full-section excavation method and other construction methods. It realized the multiple construction methods with one machine in one tunnel at the same time,however, the traditional drilling rigs cannot do it. Z20 not only satisfies the requirements of multi-step micro-excavation but also fulfills the operational capacity for full-face excavation, making the equipment applied to a wider range of excavation methods and conditions. Siton Z20 redefines the value of multi-boom drilling jumbo in tunnel construction.

DW1-90 Single-Boom Face Drilling Rig

DW1-90 Single-Boom Face Drilling Rig

DW1-90 is specially designed and developed for tunneling and rock bolting hole drilling operations in various excavation methods of tunnel in high-speed railways, highways, water diversion, power stations, underground warehouses, etc. Due to its compact size, flexible mobility, simple operation, and high efficiency, it can meet the requirements of medium to large-section tunneling methods including benching method, CD method, reserving the core soil method, medium-sized tunnel full-face excavation, and other construction methods.

In particular, the upper and lower step method has the best effect when using multiple units side by side. It can drill the radial anchor holes, which is not inconvenient to be drilled with manual pneumatic drills. It has obvious advantages to do the advanced support holes, locking holes, grouting holes, anchor cable holes and other operations.

XTGT3 Platform lifter

XTGT3 Platform lifter

It is a new kind of multi-functional tunnel construction jumbo which is suitable for the installation of various specifications of steel arch frames, auxiliary explosive loading platform, auxiliary scaling and ventilation pipe operations and so on. Not only can it meet the normative and safety requirements for installing single/multiple steel arch frames (I-shaped, H-shaped, steel grid) in railway and highway tunnels, it also can meet the one-time steel arch installation distance requirements for single-line, double-line, and triple-line single excavations (including full cross-section method, step method, and reserving core soil method).

Siton's booth attracted a continuous stream of visitors, drawn by its burgeoning brand value and highly competitive products. Numerous orders were confirmed directly on-site, reflecting the strong interest from potential clients. The displayed equipment will be dispatched directly to construction sites for immediate use after the exhibition.

Along with the appearance of Siton's complete equipment at this exhibition, the sub-brand WOSERLD also displayed its hydraulic rock drill, which serves as the core component of the jumbo. This has become one of the highlights drawing significant attention from customers. Jiangxi Siton insists on research and development, innovating and upgrading continuously. In the 30+ years of win-win cooperation with customers since 1992, the reliable performance of Siton's products and service have been highly recognized by customers.

The new year brings a good start, Jiangxi Siton achieving good results at this exhibition, thanks to the trust of our customers and the support of the exhibition organizers. In the future, Jiangxi Siton will adhere to the original intention of creating greater value for customers, and will spare no effort to insist on research and development and upgrading products and core components, to repay customers' trust and support with excellent products and complete services. With the concept of win-win cooperation, we work together with all customers to promote the upgrading of the tunnel engineering industry.

Cover-Siton staff in Pingtan Tunnel Machinery Industry Expo

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