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Jiangxi Siton 2023 "Golden Autumn Student Assistance"

Time: 2023-09-07 Hits: 117

Jiangxi Siton has always been concerned about the education of employees’ children. It is Siton’s traditional love-filled behavior to provide scholarships to employees’ whose children are admitted to higher education every year. Siton invited the employees whose children are successfully admitted to university together with their children on August 26, 2023. Not only to congratulate these superior teenagers on their excellent performance in the national college entrance exam or graduate examination, but also to empower them in the long-distance race of studying in the future.


The founder of Siton Mr. Li Bingtao firstly showed congratulations to the students and reviewed Jiangxi Siton’s series of student scholarship initiatives and the historical original intention of establishing an education foundation. Our purpose is to help reduce employees’ educational burden for their children, which is also to reflect the love that we should convey to the society as an enterprise. This enables students to accept good deeds and feel goodwill, and hopes these teenagers will contribute to the society and serve the country in the future.


Children of current employees who took the 2023 Nationwide Unified Examination for Admissions to General Universities and Colleges or the National Entrance Examination for Postgraduate and are officially admitted to the full-time program will be given a scholarship of RMB 1,000-5,000 per person. In the congratulations of everyone, the leaders of Jiangxi Siton presented scholarships to 17 families.

During the period, Student Representative Ouyang Jiaye who was admitted as a doctoral candidate of Beijing Jiaotong University and Li Ying who was admitted as a postgraduate student of the Central South University delivered a speech and expressed the gratitude of the employees' children to Siton and the firm determination to study hard to repay their parents and serve the society.



"Golden Autumn Student Assistance" is an educational love project carried out by Jiangxi Siton. It aims to enhance the sense of belonging of employees, enhance the cohesion of the Siton family, and allow Jiangxi Siton to continue and carry forward the tradition of keeping employees warm all the time. Let every family member feel the care and warmth of the Jiangxi Siton family.


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