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Siton ZWY180 Muck Loader and HP3-3015 Shotcrete Sprayer in Georgia

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Georgia is located in the hinterland of Eurasia. It is a necessary place for the ancient Silk Road and the modern Eurasian corridor. It is also one of the first countries in the world to respond and actively participate in the joint construction of the "Belt and Road". Since China entered the Georgian market, it has successively undertaken a number of projects involving roads, power stations, and urban infrastructure. In order to serve the market better and more efficient, Jiangxi Siton has set up a local branch in Georgia and surrounding areas, with local service engineers and spare parts warehouse.

1. silk road

The Kvesheti-Kobi Road tunnel, constructed by China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd, a total length of 9 kilometers, it is very strict with the performance of the equipment, due to the relatively large geological water in the mountains.

Jiangxi Siton Machinery's two ZWY 180 type crawler muck loaders are suitable for surface and shallow water operating environments and our mucking loaders can safely walk and operate on silt and water surfaces, which surprised the construction party. Siton's two ZTC30 large-volume concrete shotcrete sprayers greatly improve the work efficiency. At present, one-third of the construction progress of the tunnel has been completed, and the construction party has given high praise to our underground equipment. The second procurement is being assembled and will be delivered soon.


DS5 Rock Support Drill Rigs used for F0 Highway

The F0 highway in Georgia was constructed by the 16th Engineering Bureau of China Hydropower. It was a cold winter, which brought great difficulty to the construction and a great challenge to the equipment. Under such extremely cold conditions, Siton DS5 multifunctional drilling rig machine can stably realize mechanized operations such as bolting holes, anchor holes, and detection holes at different heights and angles.



HP3-3015 Shotcrete Sprayer used for Rikoti Tunnel

The Rikoti Tunnel, with length of1,750 meters, was contracted by the China Construction Project Department. The actual condition of complex soil structure and harsh weather is the difficulty and focus of the whole project. Even facing such special working situation, the construction party need both smoothness and high efficiency. After various considerations, the leaders choose Siton HP3-3015 engineering bridge concrete spraying machine which has been widely used in the Chinese market. Since HP3-3015 was put into use, it has greatly improved the working environment of tunnel concrete wet spraying and improved the efficiency. Adopted double-layer excavation method, and the frame is erected for one spraying anchor at a time of excavation of about 0.8 meters. Before this, the project department used traditional manual-sprayed wet spraying, low efficient work was a headache for customers and security was also a concern. After the Siton new wet spray machine is settled, the labor has been reduced, the safety factor is improved, and the failure rate of the whole machine is low.



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