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Siton DS3 Rock Bolting Rig and DL2 Production Drill Rig in Tajikistan

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While the world is still affected by the COVID-2019, Siton has overcome all difficulties and resistance, and we are busy with orders, production, and delivery. Recently, a set of underground equipment ordered by China Huaye Science and Technology Group for the lead-zinc mine in Tajikistan is ready to ship now. Siton produces made in China and is about to go abroad again.

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Project Overview

►Project address: Tajikistan

►Mine type: lead zinc mine

►Optional equipment: DS3 rock bolting rig, DL2 production drilling rig

►Rock hardness: ≥F8

►Roadway slope: ≤14° (25%)

►Roadway Specifications:

a.For DS3 rock bolting rig:

The three-core arch with a width of 4.2 × height of 4m, the height of the arch line is 2.6m;

The three-core arch with a width of 3.8 × height of 3.6m, the height of the arch line is 2.3m.


b.For DL2 production drilling rig:

Three-core arch with a width of 3.5 × height of 3.5m, the height of the arch line is 2.3m;

Drilling depth: ≥30m; hole diameter: φ64mm; fan-shaped hole.


Tajikistan is one of the important markets for Siton Machinery's export business. With high-quality tunneling products and comprehensive sweet services, Siton has won the trust of customers once again. It is expected that this set of hydraulic underground machines will also achieve excellent performance and bring satisfactory construction efficiency and construction quality to customers. In the future, Siton Machinery will continue to focus on the needs of overseas customers and continue to create more products suitable for the international market.


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