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Jiangxi Siton export complete set of underground excavation equipment to Bangladesh

Time: 2016-10-17 Hits: 69

After long time consideration, comparison, multiple comprehensive technology communication, service, and so on, the Bangladeshi customer finally decided to purchase 5 sets of DR1-14 rail-wheel drilling rigs, 5 sets of LW-80 rail-wheel muck loader, and 16 sets of SD-4 Shuttlecar from Siton this year.

Recently, technical engineers from SITON overseas department provided door-to-door return visits for Bangladeshi customers. The tunnel section is 2.8m*2.8m, and the track gauge is 600mm. According to the feedback from the technical engineer, it takes 1 minute and 40 seconds to drill a hole of 2.1m depth and the diameter of 43mm.

Local operators said that the complete set of Siton equipment perfectly embodies the one-stop service of drilling, loading and transportation. Whether it is drilling rigs machine, mucking loaders or shuttlecars, it is easy to operate, which not only greatly improves work efficiency, but also reduces labor costs.

Due to the unique working conditions, the equipment need to be disassembled and installed in the underground well. Mr. Peng, the after-sales engineer of Siton Machinery, completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment meticulously. His serious and responsible attitude makes sure the successful completion of the work, which has been appreciated by customers, and the Siton brand has also been unanimously recognized by customers.

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