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DT1-14 Drill rig and LWLX-150 Muck Loader in Tajikistan

Time: 2016-07-13 Hits: 59

In 2015, a metal mining project worksite in Tajikistan purchased a DT1-14 (Z1) crawler hydraulic rock drilling rig and a LWLX-150 mucking loader from Siton.

1. Z4
2. LWLX-150

The section of the metal mine (lead-zinc mine) is 4.5m×4.5m. At that time, in view of the large section of the customer's industrial mine, Siton researched a customed solution for the customer to improve the driving efficiency of the trolley and reduce the cost of use, the boom of the crawler rock drilling jumbo is specially extended, which greatly increases the rock drilling range.


According to the service engineer dispatched by Siton in Tajikistan, the working construction was firing 2 rows of guns every day, 2 shifts in turn, rock drilling with a 3-meter drill pipe, and the drilling depth is 2.7m. Equipped with 42mm and 76mm hole diameters, 4 pcs of 76mm centering holes, 42-43 pcs of 42mm holes (hard case).

And with the use of Siton muck loader machine, the work efficiency is higher, after actual measurement and feedback from customers and our service personnel, the monthly footage is as high as more than 150 meters.


This customer is a regular customer of Siton and is quite satisfied with the excellent work performance of the drilling rig. At the same time, the customer also said: "In our construction site, the operator trained by Siton Machinery is responsible for the excavation work of the machine. From their proficient operation ability and regular maintenance work on the equipment, it can be seen that Siton is a company with both hardware and software. Great company!"


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